Gender Equality

In accordance with the aims of the University of Stuttgart and the German Research Fondation (DFG), SFB 1313 aims to improve gender equality and family-friendly policies

Equal Opportunity Activities and Career Development

The University of Stuttgart offers an elaborate infrastructure that is tailored to implement gender equality and more specifically to attract, uphold and promote the career chances of talented women within the university. In addition, SFB 1313 will implement its own gender equality concept and advance the development of all gender-related aspects related to the research topics of SFB 1313.

SFB 1313 Gender Equality Events

Anneliese Niethammer Lecture Series

SFB 1313's Anneliese Niethammer Lecture Series, dedicated to Anneliese Niethammer (1901–1983), ecological microbiologist and first female professor at the University of Stuttgart, gives women in the science once a semester the possibility to present their scientific work. It serves as platform and intends especially to encourage and to inspire women to pursue a career in the natural sciences.

Gender Equality Events at the University of Stuttgart

Girls' Day

SFB 1313 participates at the Girls' Day, organized by the University of Stuttgart, and offers STEM workshops for girls to arouse their curiosity for a science career and to show them the interdisciplinary work of SFB 1313.



SFB 1313 offers TryScience workshops for pupils to give an insight view into porous media related study programs, such as environmental technology, simulation technology, mechanics or mathematics etc.

Young Female Researchers

Jun.-Prof. Carina Bringedal

Interface-driven processes in porous media are very interesting to Carina Bringedal as she worked on evolving interfaces in porous media during her PhD and during her postdoc at Hasselt University (Belgium). She looks forward to learning more about interface-driven processes and plans to focus on evaporation at the pore scale during her time in Stuttgart.

Carina Bringedal is a Principal Investigator of the Research Project A05 "Pore scale formulations for evaporation, and upscaling to REV scale".

The film project was realized as a part of the university-wide pooling of DFG equal opportunity funds.

Support for Women in Research

For female Master's students and doctoral researchers we offer soft-skill courses that will accelerate their scientific career:

Up to four scholarships per academic semester are granted by the SFB 1313 to Master's students working on a thesis that is supervised by one of the Principal Investigators of the SFB 1313. Two of these scholarships are reserved for women.

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For female members of the integrated research training group IRTG-IMPM and female Master's students holding a scholarship granted by the SFB 1313, a complementary subject-related mentoring programme on an international level will be established. Upon request, the SFB 1313 will assign an international scientist from the field as mentor to each female participant. The mentoring includes at least one annual meeting in Stuttgart or the home institution of the mentor. It will focus on career opportunities in the research field with the aim of increasing the visibility of the scientists. In addition to this mentoring, a university-wide lecture series of leading female researchers from academia and industry in the field of porous media will be set up.

Key Services provided by the University of Stuttgart

Mentoring programmes at the University of Stuttgart for women in science support ambitious female master students, doctoral students and professors. The programmes are expected to accompagny talented female researchers in their professional carreer.

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The Service Gender Consulting offers consulting and support for the integration of matters of equal treatment in research and for the enhancement of competences for the development of a gender-adequate management culture.

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Information on service offerings ensuring family-friendly work and study conditions for everyone, which are topics the University of Stuttgart is highly committed to.

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