List of SRP NUPUS Scholarships Holders

iNterdisciplinary Union of Porous media research at the University of Stuttgart

From 2017 to 2018, SRP "NUPUS" offered scholarships to talented students working on their Master's Thesis. The subject has to be related to the field of porous media. The scholarship was granted twice a year and open for M.Sc. students enrolled in Stuttgart or in one of the SRP "NUPUS" partner institutions.

Name Period Supervisors Title of Master's thesis
Stollenmaier, Katrin 01.04.16-
Helmig, Rainer (University of Stuttgart);
Mardal, Kent-Andre (University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory)
Modelling of intra- and extracellular flow and transport processes

Hug, Lisa

Doster, Florian (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh);
Helmig, Rainer (University of Stuttgart
Investigation of applicability and parametrization of dual-continuum models through multi-scale finite volume methods

Praditia, Timothy

Hajibeygi, Hadi (TU Delft);
Helmig, Rainer (University of Stuttgart);
Tene, Matei (TU Delft)
Multiscale Simulation of enhanced geothermal systems

Coltman, Edward Neely



Fetzer, Thomas (University of Stuttgart);
Helmig, Rainer (University of Stuttgart)
Numerical investigations of turbulent flow around evaporating porous media
Proissl, Claudius 01.04.17-
Nowak, Wolfgang (University of Stuttgart);
Most, Sebastian (University of Stuttgart)
Dependent stochastik processes for simulating transport in porous media
Kurz, Theresa 01.10.17-

Weishaupt, Kilian (University of Stuttgart); Helmig, Rainer (University of Stuttgart);
Hassanizadeh, Majid (Utrecht University)

Implementation and investigation of different coupling schemes for hybrid-dimensional models in DuMuX

Kala, Keshav

01.01.18- 31.03.18


Voskov, Denis (TU Delft);
Class, Holger (University of Stuttgart);
Scholz, Simon (University of Stuttgart)

Parameterization of element balance formulation in reactive compositional flow and transport


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