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SFB 1313 Lecture Series

SFB 1313 organizes regular seminar talks end project meetings with the internal and external partners.

Seminar Talks




Date Speaker Title of Talk
30 October 2018 Dr. Rafid Al-Khoury (TU Delft) A Computational Approach for Poromechanics
26 October 2018 Prof. Jan Carmeliet (ETH Zürich) Droplet impacting porous media, towards understanding rain deposition in the built environment
4 October 2018 Prof. Denis Voskov (TU Delft) Modeling of dissolution and precipitation in porous rock at different scales
18 September 2018 dr. Matthijs de Winter (Utrecht University) Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) and electrical resistor networks
11 September 2018 Ioannis Zarikos (Utrecht University) Velocity distributions in trapped and mobilized non-wetting phase ganglia in porous media
5 September 2018 Prof. Allen G. Hunt (Wright State University) Soil formation from percolation concepts as related to chemical weathering
24 July 2018 Prof. Suzanne Hurter (University of Queensland) Gas from coal in Australia

12 July 2018 (Women's Lecture Series)

Prof. Miriam Mehl (University of Stuttgart) Quasi-Newton – A universal approach for coupled problems and optimization
27 June 2018 Prof. Hans van Dujin (TU Eindhoven) Wetting fronts in porous media with capillary hysteresis and dynamic effects
21 June 2018 Dr. Ovie Emmanuel Eruteya (University of Geneva) Subsurface fluid flow dynamics in the Southern Levant Basin, SE Mediterranean and its implication
on carbon capture and geological storage
7 June 2018 Georg Futter (Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics, DLR Stuttgart) Physical modeling of PEMFC performance and chemical membrane degradation
17 April 2018 Dr. Robin Gerlach (Montana State University, Bozeman) Controlling biofilm- and mineral-formation in fractures and porous media
9 March 2018 Dr. Kartik Jain (University of Zürich) Computational modeling of Physiological Flows using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
6 February 2018 Prof. Signe Kjelstrup (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU) Transport in porous media: a challenge for Thermodynamics



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