SFB 1313 Lecture Series

SFB 1313 organizes regular seminar talks end project meetings with the internal and external partners.

Seminar Talks


Date Speaker Title of Talk
29 October 2019 (Anneliese Niethammer Lecture Series) Prof. Inga Berre (University of Bergen) Mathematical and numerical modelling of process-structure interaction in fractured geothermal reservoirs
22 October 2019 Samual Burbulla (IANS) Two-phase flow in dynamically fracturing porous media
20 August 2019 Prof. Taras Mel'nyk (University of Kiew) Asymptotic approximation for the solution to a semilinear problem in a thin graph-like junction
25 July 2019 Kilian Weishaupt (LH2) Including pore-scale slip velocities at the interface between free flow and a coupled pore-network model
27 June 2019 Cynthia Michalkowski (Bosch/LH2) Modeling gas diffusion layers (GDLs) in a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell using pore network modelling
6 June 2019 Prof. Florian Frank (University of Erlangen) Enforcing discrete maximum principles in discontinuous Galerkin schemes with application to phase-field methods
28 May 2019 Ravid Rosenzweig (Ph.D.) (Geological Survey of Israel) Monitoring and reclamation of soil hydrophobicity of oil-contaminated soils in Evrona nature reserve, Israel
16 May 2019 (Anneliese Niethammer Lecture Series) Adrienne Phillips (Ph.D.) (Montana State University) Biofilm-Induced Mineral Precipitation: A Journey from Laboratory to Field
16 May 2019 (ICP Colloqium) Dr. Alexander Schlaich (University of Grenoble) Coupling of Adsorption and  Transport in Hierarchical Porous Media
25 April 2019 Prof. Ivan Yotov (University of Pittsburgh) Stokes-Biot modeling of flow in fractured poroelastic media
16 April 2019 Dr. Lucas Pimienta (Marie Curie Fellow, EPFL Lausanne) Frequency dependence of elastic properties in rocks: Implications for field geophysics
4 April 2019 Dr. Klaus Mosthaf (Technical University of Denmark) Experimental and modeling investigations of solute transport in fractured porous media
18 February 2019 (ICP-Kolloquium) PD Dr. Andreas Menzel (University of Düsseldorf) Mediated interactions and many-particle statistical physics in complex systems of soft matter
5 February 2019 (Anneliese Niethammer Lecture Series) Prof. Insa Neuweiler (University of Hannover) Data assimilation with soils and the question of the length scales
30 January 2019 (Simtech Colloquium) Prof. Jan Nordbotten (University of Bergen) Mixed-dimensional modeling and simulation
22 January 2019 Dr. Andreas Yiotis (NCSR Demoktritos, Athens) Effective steady-state flow regimes during the stranding and mobilization of NAPL ganglia within stochastically reconstructed porous domains
22 January 2019 Prof. Peter Grathwohl (SFB 1253, University of Tübingen) Catchments as reactors: Metabolism of pollutants on the landscape scale


Date Speaker Title of Talk
27 November 2018 Prof. Luca Formaggia and Dr. Anna Scotti (Politecnico di Milano) Some mathematical and numerical issues in the modeling of fault reactivation
20 November 2018 Mark Khait (TU Delft) DARTS: Delft Advanced Reservoir Terra Simulator
20 November 2018 Koondanibha Mitra (TU Eindhoven) Wetting fronts in unsaturated porous media
30 October 2018 Dr. Rafid Al-Khoury (TU Delft) A Computational Approach for Poromechanics
26 October 2018 Prof. Jan Carmeliet (ETH Zürich) Droplet impacting porous media, towards understanding rain deposition in the built environment
4 October 2018 Prof. Denis Voskov (TU Delft) Modeling of dissolution and precipitation in porous rock at different scales
18 September 2018 dr. Matthijs de Winter (Utrecht University) Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) and electrical resistor networks
11 September 2018 Ioannis Zarikos (Utrecht University) Velocity distributions in trapped and mobilized non-wetting phase ganglia in porous media
5 September 2018 Prof. Allen G. Hunt (Wright State University) Soil formation from percolation concepts as related to chemical weathering
24 July 2018 Prof. Suzanne Hurter (University of Queensland) Gas from coal in Australia

12 July 2018 (Women's Lecture Series)

Prof. Miriam Mehl (University of Stuttgart) Quasi-Newton – A universal approach for coupled problems and optimization
27 June 2018 Prof. Hans van Dujin (TU Eindhoven) Wetting fronts in porous media with capillary hysteresis and dynamic effects
21 June 2018 Dr. Ovie Emmanuel Eruteya (University of Geneva) Subsurface fluid flow dynamics in the Southern Levant Basin, SE Mediterranean and its implication
on carbon capture and geological storage
7 June 2018 Georg Futter (Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics, DLR Stuttgart) Physical modeling of PEMFC performance and chemical membrane degradation
17 April 2018 Dr. Robin Gerlach (Montana State University, Bozeman) Controlling biofilm- and mineral-formation in fractures and porous media
9 March 2018 Dr. Kartik Jain (University of Zürich) Computational modeling of Physiological Flows using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
6 February 2018 Prof. Signe Kjelstrup (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU) Transport in porous media: a challenge for Thermodynamics



Katharina Heck
M. Sc.

Katharina Heck

Doctoral Researcher, Management, Research Project A02

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