Start of SFB 1313 Women's Lecture Series

July 16, 2018 /

Miriam Mehl has been the first speaker of the SFB 1313 Women's Lecture Series

Last week was the start of our SFB 1313 Women’s Lecture Series, which aims to give women in science a platform to present their scientific work and especially intends to encourage women to pursue a career in natural sciences.

Many thanks to Miriam Mehl – professor at the University of Stuttgart, one of the Principal Investigators of SFB 1313 and a woman in science – who was the first speaker within SFB 1313 Women's Lecture Series. In her lecture of 12th July she talked about “Quasi-Newton – A Universal Approach for Coupled Problems and Optimization”.

Miriam Mehl is a mathematician and computer scientist and is researching in the areas of Scientific Computing, High Performance Computing and Coupled Multiphysics Simulation. In 2010 she received the doctor's degree at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Technical University of Munich. She habilitated in 2010 in Computer Science at the same institution. Since 2013 she is Professor for Simulation of Large Systems at the University of Stuttgart. From 2015 until 2017 she was Executive Director of the Institute for Parallel and Distributes Systems and since 2017 she is Vice-Dean of the Faculty for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.

Many thanks as well to Nicola Hille – working in the Gender Equality Office of the University of Stuttgart – who opened and introduced the lecture series.

The recruitment and support of talented women is of self-evident interest for the University of Stuttgart and it is a dedicated aim of SFB 1313. Its Women’s Lecture Series supports gender equality and women in science. It brings visibility to leading female researchers and outstanding female scientists both from academia and industry in the field of porous media and thus, provides strong role models to female students.

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