Project Z02 (PML)

Porous Media Lab (PML)- A Platform for Image-Based In-Situ Experiments for Porous Media

Publications in scientific journals

  1. Conference Reports

    1. Valavanides, M. S., Karadimitriou, N., & Steeb, H. (2022). Flow Dependent Relative Permeability Scaling for Steady-State Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Laboratory Validation on a Microfluidic Network. In SPWLA Annual Logging Symposium: Vol. Day 5 Wed, June 15, 2022.
  2. (Journal-) Articles

    1. Taghizadeh, K., Ruf, M., Luding, S., & Steeb, H. (2023). X-ray 3D imaging–based microunderstanding of granular mixtures: Stiffness enhancement by adding small fractions of soft particles. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(26), Article 26.
    2. Ruf, M., Lee, D., & Steeb, H. (2023). A multifunctional mechanical testing stage for micro x-ray computed tomography. Review of Scientific Instruments, 94, 085115.
    3. Lee, D., Weinhardt, F., Hommel, J., Piotrowski, J., Class, H., & Steeb, H. (2023). Machine learning assists in increasing the time resolution of X-ray computed tomography applied to mineral precipitation in porous media. Scientific Reports, 13(1), Article 1.
    4. Dastjerdi, S. V., Karadimitriou, N., Hassanizadeh, S. M., & Steeb, H. (2023). Experimental evaluation of fluid connectivity in two-phase flow in porous media. Advances in Water Resources, 104378.
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    6. Gao, H., Tatomir, A. B., Karadimitriou, N. K., Steeb, H., & Sauter, M. (2023). Effect of Pore Space Stagnant Zones on Interphase Mass Transfer in Porous Media, for Two-Phase Flow Conditions. Transport in Porous Media, 146(3), Article 3.
    7. Kurzeja, P., & Steeb, H. (2022). Acoustic waves in saturated porous media with gas bubbles. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.
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    9. Hasan, S., Niasar, V., Karadimitriou, N. K., Godinho, J. R. A., Vo, N. T., An, S., Rabbani, A., & Steeb, H. (2020). Direct characterization of solute transport in unsaturated porous media using fast X-ray synchrotron microtomography. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


About this project

This research service project is an extension of the former Task Force Experiments. The projects starts in the second funding period of SFB 1313 and offers the chance that experimental methods and techniques are further centralised by creating a central experimental platform within the Porous Media Lab.

The project Z02 will (i) provide a cross-project experimental platform to produce results, either to be used in benchmarking, or as the means to provide input data to other projects. (ii) Develop new types of artificial porous media by using unconventional raw materials in combination with optical and soft lithography.

Additionally, independent research will be carried out related to the development of advanced experimental setups for applications complementary to those of the other projects.

This image shows Holger Steeb

Holger Steeb

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Principal Investigator, Research Projects B05, C05, and Z02

This image shows Nikolaos K. Karadimitriou

Nikolaos K. Karadimitriou


Principal Investigator, Project Z02 (PML)

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