SFB 1313 doctoral researcher Stefanie Kiemle one of the Zia Fellows of the ZEIT Verlag

November 16, 2023 /

SFB 1313 doctoral researcher Stefanie Kiemle is one of the new Zia Fellows 2023/24 of the ZEIT Verlag.

Our SFB1313 doctoral researcher Stefanie Kiemle from the University of Stuttgart is one of the Zia Fellows 2023/24 of the Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius Gmbh & Co. Kg. Our Jun.-Prof. Maartje Boon, researcher within SFB 1313 and the SC SimTech of the University of Stuttgart, is a Zia role model. SFB 1313 supports Stefanie Kiemle in cooperation with the Pooling "Synergies for equal opportunities in collaborative research networks" of the University of Stuttgart. The program will not only support female scientists, but also support the fellows in how to communicate their research the best way possible.

About the Zia "Visible Women in Science" Fellowship Program

The ZEIT Zia fellowship program is an initiative that aims to support female scientists in their career and personal development in cooperation with partners, supporters and sponsors. It's about female empowering, networking and science communication.

During one year, the fellows will of course have different networking meetings with each other, but they will also be participating in different workshops, e.g. in a Nawik science communication workshop, specifically aiming to learn how to communicate their own research the best way possible: that means to make their research accessible and to communicate it in an easy understandable way. Even all of the fellows are researchers, they are all working in different disciplines.

The fellows and their research will all be presented in a DIE ZEIT print paper, published in December 2023, as well as online on the Zia website. Furthermore, the fellows will conduct an audio interview that will be published via the Zia website.

ZEIT press release on the Zia Program

Zia Role Models

In addition to networking, exchanging experiences with other female scientists is one of the major goals of the Zia Fellowship program. This is why the fellows are meeting female role models. SFB 1313 Jun.-Prof. Maartje Boon is one of the Zia role models.

Kick-off of the Zia Fellowship Program 2023/24

The new Fellow group of 2023/24 first met on 12 October 2023 online to connect and had now the chance to meet in in person on 9 November 2023 in Berlin during the official kick-off meeting. The program of the day consisted of a participation in the “Falling Walls Science Science Summit 2023”, followed by a visit of ZEIT online as well as two keynote talks by the Zia role models Dr.-Ing. Beatrice Monique Rich and Dr. Antje Kohse. In the evening, the Zia fellows and role models as well as the “female talents”, the fellows of the Falling Walls Foundation, met to a dinner where they had the chance to connect and to exchange ideas with each other.

This image shows Stefanie Kiemle

Stefanie Kiemle

M. Sc.

Doctoral Researcher C-X5, Project MGK

This image shows Maartje Boon

Maartje Boon

Jun.-Prof. PhD

Principal Investigator

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