SFB 1313 offers various workshops for all its members and doctoral students. An overview of the workshops is given here

Workshops offered by SFB 1313

SFB 1313 researchers have the opportunity to take part in any workshops offered by researchers in SFB 1313. Some workshops are organised by the Task Force leaders, others by Project Area leaders. They cover common topics and offer a platform to learn and discuss new research methods and open research questions.

These workshops are complementary to the workshops and courses offered by the integrated graduate school.


List of Workshops offered by SFB 1313

Workshops 2019

Date Topic More Information
25 February - 1 March 2019 Biofilm Workshop



1 April 2019 Porous Medium - Free Flow Interfaces on Different Scales Information and agenda
2 April 2019 Salt Precipitation and Evaporation Information and agenda
29 July 2019 Image-Processing Information and agenda


Workshops 2018

Date Topic More Information
23 October 2018 Biofilm workshop

Information and agenda

Review of the workshop


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