Core Study Programme

First year training

Selected courses from M.Sc. study programmes at University of Stuttgart

The first year training of doctoral researchers consists of selected courses from M.Sc. study programmes. At least 6 credits must be achieved by full and associate members of IRTG-IMPM. A selection is given here, but the final choice will follow the individual needs of the doctoral researcher.  For more information on each of the courses below please have a look at C@MPUS.

Name of module Credits Instructors
Environmental fluid mechanics II 6 R. Helmig, W. Nowak, S. Oladyshkin
Multiphase modelling in porous media 6 H. Class, R. Helmig
Computational mechanics of materials 6 M.-A. Keip, H. Steeb
Mehrphasenkontinuumsmechanik 6 W. Ehlers, A. Wagner
Molekulare Thermodynamik 3 J. Groß
Mathematical fluid mechanics: modelling, analysis and numerics 9 C. Rohde et al.
Homogenisierung und Numerik für Mehrskalenprobleme 6 I. Rybak
Simulation methods in physics 6 C. Holm
Spezielle Probleme der Wärmeübertragung und Messverfahren
des Wärmetransports
3+3 G. Lamanna, R. Poser
Measuring subsurface hydrological fluxes 3 J.A. Huisman
Measurement in the water cycle 3 J.A. Huisman et al.


For further information please contact

This image shows Katharina Heck

Katharina Heck


Postdoctoral Researcher, Management, Research Project A02, Project MGK

This image shows Stefanie Kiemle

Stefanie Kiemle

M. Sc.

Doctoral Researcher C-X5, Project MGK

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