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Integrated Research Training Group "Interface-Driven Multi-Field Processes in Porous Media"

A structured doctoral programme for doctoral researchers of the University of Stuttgart and international partners of SFB 1313

General Concept

The Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG-IMPM) is designed to meet the following fundamental guidelines:

  • Ensure quality standards of excellence for doctoral research
  • Offer junior scientists high-quality interdisciplinary training
  • Foster international mobility and communication with an international expert community
  • Support doctoral researchers in becoming independent researchers at the earliest stage possible

All doctoral researchers of the SFB 1313 are members of IRTG-IMPM and all doctoral researchers of the University of Stuttgart and the international partners working in the field of porous media are invited to join IRTG-IMPM. You will find more information on how to apply here.

In addition to the structured doctoral programme, IRTG-IMPM offers a scholarship programme for Master's students.

The Four Pillars of the Qualification Programme


Subject related courses:

  • First year training: core study programme with selected courses from M.Sc. study programmes. At least 6 credits must be achieved by full and associate members of IRTG-IMPM.
  • Second year training: specialised short courses given by the Principal Investigators and the international partners. At least 3 credits must be achieved by full and associate members of IRTG-IMPM.

Soft-skill courses:

IRTG-IMPM organises a bi-weekly doctoral seminar (aligned with the SFB 1313 seminar) with presentations by the doctoral researchers and invited external scientists. An annual doctoral workshop and a 2-weeks summer school every second year complete the pillar. 

Further information

IRTG-IMPM supports a stay abroad at one of our partner institutions for all doctoral researchers, with a duration of at least three months. Active participation at international workshops and conferences is highly encouraged as well. Full members can benefit from financial support by IRTG-IMPM for travelling.

Apply for financial support for travelling

IRTG-IMPM installs an advisory principle: each doctoral researcher is assigned a local advisors and two co-examiners. The advisor and the (prospective) co-examiners will be named in the admission application at the start of the doctoral programme and officially appointed for the milestone presentation. At least one co-examiner must belong to a foreign university or research institute.

Additionally, monitoring consists of:

  • One presentation and discussion with advisor and co-examiners during the first year
  • Milestone presentation after 12-18 months
  • At least one publication in a peer-reviewed journal 

For further information please contact

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Christian Rohde

Deputy Spokesman, Principal Investigator

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Grazia Lamanna

Project Leader

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M. Sc.

Beatrix Becker

Management, Coordinator Integrated Research Training Group