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Associated projects

Associated projects have research topics closely linked to SFB 1313 but are not financed by SFB 1313

Associated projects

Researchers located at the University of Stuttgart working in the field of porous media can apply for membership in SFB 1313. Their projects are not financed by SFB 1313 but they still work closely together with SFB 1313 and can participate in all events organised by SFB 1313. 

Doctoral researcher working in the field of porous media can apply for associated membership in the graduate school of SFB 1313 (IRTG-IMPM) if their advisor is a member of SFB 1313. More information can be found here.


List of associated projects

Name Principal Investigator Title:  

Grazia Lamanna

Rico Poser

Experimental investigation of crossflow interaction in porous media more information

Rainer Helmig

Grids and solvers for the free-flow regime in the context of coupling free flow with porous-media flow more information

Rainer Helmig

Exchange Processes at the Soil-Atmosphere Interface: Modelling and Numerical Analysis more information

Holger Class

Robin Gerlach

Developping and calibrating a numerical model for Microbially Enhanced Coal-Bed Methane (MECBM) production more information
Advancing model concepts for engineered calcium carbonate precipitation with focus on multiple driving processes, temperature influence, and two-phase flow
more information