November 15, 2018

Review: SFB 1313 Biofilm Workshop

The first SFB 1313 Biofilm Workshop has been a success and a good opportunity to find out how the biofilm research has progressed since January 2018 and to determine the future aims of project area C.

The research group got an overview of the topics their colleagues are working on. Now, research expectations can be reviewed and further steps be planned: Are the self-set goals realistic? Who provides the necessary experimental data for the individual research foci? Do the researchers have to rethink and adapt their existing concepts?

The discussions during the workshop were very fruitful and brought up a number of interesting aspects and ideas concerning the biofilm research. An important point that emerged during the workshop was, among others, that the model concepts should be adapted concerning the precipitates or the solid insides of the pores, since they are porous structures themselves.

The last workshop programme item was the Laboratory Tour. The group has been led through three different SFB 1313 labs:
1) Porous Media Lab
2) Biofilm Lab
3) CT (Computer Tomography) Lab

At the workshop participated SFB 1313 researchers from the University of Stuttgart, the Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Montana State University (USA).

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