October 23, 2018

SFB 1313 Biofilm Workshop

Project Area C
[Picture: James Connolly, Montana State University]

On 23rd October 2018, project area C is organizing a workshop on Biofilms. This
workshop is important to get an overview about the current research and about
already existing results in the field of biofilms and related calcite precipitation. This topic is one of the research subjects that connects the research projects of project area C. During the workshop, it will be clarified which SFB goals are to be achieved, how to achieve them and which expectations exist for the research projects C01–C05.
In addition to presentations, discussions and exchanging ideas, there will be a
Laboratory Tour. Holger Steeb shows the Porous Media Lab, which will soon be fully equipped.

Al Cunningham, external partner of SFB 1313, will be our guest and present the
research on biofilms and induced calcite precipitation of the last decade of the Center for Biofilm Engineering/Montana State University, and discuss future research
approaches together with the SFB 1313 researchers.

Date: Tuesday, 23rd October 2018
Time: 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Location: U1.003 (MML), Pfaffenwaldring 61, Campus Vaihingen

Any interested SFB-member is very welcome to join the workshop.



1:30 pm

Welcome and scope of workshop

Holger Class

1:40 pm

Introduction to engineered biofilms with a focus on MICP
Brief history of collaboration Stuttgart/Bozeman

Al Cunningham

2:05 pm

(M/E/T)ICP with a focus on the changes in hydraulic properties

Johannes Hommel

2:30 pm

Discussion and questions related to the introductory presentations. How this became a prominent topic in the SFB

Holger Class

2:40 pm

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

2:55 pm

Micro-fluidic ICP experiments.Current state of experience with technical setups and measurements

Felix Weinhardt

3:10 pm

Possibilities and bottle necks of available imaging possibilities, XRCT, micro-fluidics

Group of Holger Steeb

3:25 pm

Outlook on experimental work in Juelich


3:30 pm

Discussion of experimental aspects and issues

Holger Class

3:45 pm

Modeling micro-fluidic experiments, overview of existing models and approaches

Felix Weinhardt, Group of Holger Steeb, Lars von Wolff, Kartik Jain, (5 minutes each)

4:15 pm

Discussion of modeling aspects and issues (with Coffee)

Holger Class

4:30 pm

Porous Media Lab Tour

Holger Steeb



This picture showsPatrizia Ambrisi

Patrizia Ambrisi

Project Ö - Public Relations

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