Research Project B02

Fracturing porous solids with pore content


We describe fracturing porous solids with arbitrary pore content by two basic ingredients, the macroscopic Theory of Porous Media and the phase-field approach to fracturing. Initially, the solid is treated as a brittle elastic material that is permeable for arbitrary fluids in the sense of a Darcian pore-fluid flow. Under hydraulic fracturing conditions, cracks will open depending on fluid pressure and solid strength, and the fluid flow in the cracked zones changes from purely Darcian to Stokean type. Interfaces between the solid and the pore fluid are contributing to hydraulic-conductivity and fracturing conditions.

Publications in Project B02

  1. Ehlers, W., & Wagner, A. (n.d.). Modelling and simulation methods applied to coupled problems in porous-media mechanics. Archive of Applied Mechanics.

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Arndt Wagner

Principal Investigator, Research Projects B02 and C03

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Wolfgang Ehlers

Principal Investigator, Research Project B02

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