Interview with Nima Shokri

December 6, 2018 /

The University of Manchester

J. A. (Sander) Huisman, SFB 1313 principal investigator of research project C05 from Forschungszentrum Jülich (Institute for Bio- and Geosciences), had the great pleasure to interview our SFB 1313 guest Nima Shokri, director of the Multiphase Flow and Porous Media Research Group at The University of Manchester, which is part of the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science. Nima Shokri and the SFB 1313 researchers support each other in the field of evaporation and salt precipitation in porous media. He has been at the University of Stuttgart since 1st October 2018 and will stay with us until the end of December.

During the interview, we learn why he is interested in evaporation processes and what the key factors determining evaporation are. We get to know what is missing in our current understanding of evaporation and how he has been addressing some of the research challenges experimentally. He also gives everyday life examples, in which evaporation research in porous media systems plays a role and thus, why it is so important concerning the application areas.

Thank you Nima Shokri, it is a pleasure having you here!

Nima Shokri (left) and Sander Huisman (right)
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