July 16, 2018

Interview with Hans van Duijn

Porous media modelling challenges and the role of SFB 1313

It was a great honour and pleasure for us that Hans van Duijn – Dutch professor,
former director of the Eindhoven Technical University (TU/e), physical and mathematical scientist and researcher and expert in the field of porous media – was our guest at the Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems of the University of Stuttgart. During his two-week stay in June he gave, amongst others, a lecture entitled Wetting Fronts in Porous Media with Capillary Hysteresis and Dynamic Effects and discussed together with the Stuttgart scientists the analysis of coupled fluid transport processes for complex porous media systems. Furthermore, Rainer Helmig got the great chance to exclusively interview him about porous media.

During the interview between Rainer Helmig (spokesman of SFB 1313 and principal investigator of research projects A02 and C02) and Hans van Duijn we got to know his ideas about the fundamental challenges in today’s modelling of porous media. He also explained the importance of the combination of modelling, computation and experiments and why SFB 1313 is ideally suited to tackle these challenges.

Thank you Hans van Duijn, we really enjoyed having you here. Come back soon!

Interview with Hans van Duijn and Rainer Helmig


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Patrizia Ambrisi

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