Interview with Florin A. Radu

February 20, 2019 /

University of Bergen | Norway

Samuel Burbulla, SFB 1313 doctoral researcher (research project B03) had the great pleasure to interview Prof. Florin Adrian Radu from the Institute of Mathematics, University of Bergen. During his stay in February he gave a short course about: “Solvers for nonlinear and/or coupled problems in porous media”.

During the interview, we learn how he became a professor of applied mathematics and how he came first in contact with the field of porous media. We get to know about his collaborations within SFB 1313, especially with Rainer Helmig and Christian Rohde, and about his favourite nonlinear solver.

About Florin Adrian Radu

Florin Adrian Radu is a Professor at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Bergen (Norway). He obtained his PhD in Mathematics at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) in 2004 with his thesis about “Mixed finite element discretization of Richards’ equation: error analysis and application to realistic infiltration problems”, and habilitated at the same institution in 2013 with his work on “Convergent mass conservative schemes for reactive solute transport and flow in variably saturated porous media”.

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