Task Force: Software and Data

Coordinators: Bernd Flemisch, Holger Steeb, Steffen Frey

This task force is related on the one hand to the software concept presented above and will address all questions arising from its realisation. On the other hand, it will address management of data gained from simulations and experiments. For each computational model that is to be developed in a modelling project, this includes the topics of design, development process, version-control management, quality assurance, usability and sustainability of the corresponding software. Since the coupling of two or more software packages is at least interesting for several modelling projects, the corresponding issues of code interfaces and interoperability will also be discussed. Moreover, the potential synergies of using common pre- and post-processing tools such as grid generators and visualization packages will be evaluated. The task force will also collect and discuss the requirements of the experimental and modelling projects concerning the management of research data. Topics of fundamental interest are the installation and use of the SFB 1313-central data repository as well as the establishment of a workflow to equip the research data with metadata.


This picture showsBernd Flemisch
apl. Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Bernd Flemisch

Principal Investigator, Research Project D03

This picture showsHolger Steeb
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Holger Steeb

Principal Investigator, Research Projects B05 and C05

This picture showsSteffen Frey
Dr. rer. nat.

Steffen Frey

Principal Investigator, Research Project D01

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