SFB 1313 Publication "Optimal motility strategies for self-propelled agents to explore porous media"

November 2, 2023 /

Authors: Christoph Lohrmann and Christian Holm | Scientific Journal: Physical Review E

New SFB 1313 publication, published in "Physical Review E". The work has been developed within the SFB 1313 research project C01.

"Optimal motility strategies for self-propelled agents to explore porous media"


Microrobots for, e.g., biomedical applications, need to be equipped with motility strategies that enable them to navigate through complex environments. Inspired by biological microorganisms we re-create motility patterns such as run-and-reverse, run-and-tumble, or run-reverse-flick applied to active rodlike particles in silico. We investigate their capability to efficiently explore disordered porous environments with various porosities and mean pore sizes ranging down to the scale of the active particle. By calculating the effective diffusivity for the different patterns, we can predict the optimal one for each porous sample geometry. We find that providing the agent with very basic sensing and decision-making capabilities yields a motility pattern outperforming the biologically inspired patterns for all investigated porous samples.

This image shows Christoph Lohrmann

Christoph Lohrmann

M. Sc.

Doctoral Researcher, Research Project C01

This image shows Christian Holm

Christian Holm

Prof. Dr.

Principal Investigator, Research Project C01

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