October 19, 2018

SFB 1313 guest: Al Cunningham

19th to 26th October 2018 | Montana State University, USA

We are very happy to welcome Al Cunningham of the Montana State University (MSU) again at the Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems (IWS), University of Stuttgart. 

Al Cunningham is a Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at Montana State University who retired in 2015 and currently has a post retirement appointment. In addition to the Department of Civil Engineering (CE), he is affiliated with MSU’s Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE), and the Energy Research Institute (ERI).

He also maintains a long-standing research collaboration with Rainer Helmig and his colleagues at IWS. This collaboration has developed a cross-disciplinary, international research and education program focused on combining the biofilm-process expertise of the CBE with the computational simulation capabilities of IWS. Topics of collaboration include fate and transport of ground water contaminants, subsurface gas storage, and enhanced biogenic methane production. Alfred Cunningham has served as co-advisor to four PhD students at Stuttgart, and has been named an international partner in SFB 1313.

Research Interests:
Ground Water, Hydrology, Bioremediation, Subsurface Biofilm Science and Technology, Subsurface Storage and Leakage Mitigation of Gas (CO2, CH4, and H2) and Associated Reservoir Fluids, Synergies between Energy Production and Water Quality.