November 16, 2021 /

Review: "acatech am Dienstag" talk of SFB 1313 spokesman Rainer Helmig

SFB 1313 spokesman Rainer Helmig participated in the event series “acatech am Dienstag“ of the National Academy of Science and Engineering in Augsburg.
[Picture: SimTech / University of Stuttgart]

"Water as World Heritage, Resource, and Research Subject" was the subject of the latest event series "acatech am Dienstag", which took place on 2 November 2021 in Augsburg. SFB 1313 spokesman Rainer Helmig was one of the three speakers.

Rainer Helmig, professor at the Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems, highlighted in his talk the tension between the expansion of the storage capacity for electricity from renewable energies and the undesirable effects on the ground water. As mechanical, chemical and thermal energy storage methods put a strain on the physical underground structures, he explained the increased danger of possible breakthroughs between freshwater and saltwater systems.

About “acatech am Dienstag”

The National Academy of Science and Engineering discusses current and controversial technology topics during its events series "acatech am Dienstag". The speakers are representatives from politics, science, business, other social groups, and the media. Interested citizens are invited to talk to the invited experts.

acatech am Dienstag

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