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Prof. Bernd Flemisch member of the “NFDI4Ing” consortium steering committee

Prof. Bernd Flemisch, principal investigator of SFB 1313, is a member of the newly established "NFDI4Ing" consortium steering committee – the National Research Data Infrastructure for the Engineering Sciences, funded by the Joint Science Conference GWK (Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz)
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By establishing and funding the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) under the umbrella of the Joint Science Conference (GWK), the Federal Government and the federal states aim to make better use of the potential of research data in Germany. The NFDI is intended to set standards in data management and, as a digital, regionally distributed and networked knowledge repository, to ensure the storage and usability of research data on a sustainable basis. On 26 June 2020, the GWK decided on the funding of NFDI consortia based on a recommendation of the German Research Foundation (DFG). The University of Stuttgart is a co-applicant institution in two future funded consortia. One of the funded consortia is "NFDI4Ing" - the National Research Data Infrastructure for the Engineering Sciences.

The network “NFDI4Ing”: National Research Data Infrastructure for the Engineering Sciences

The engineering sciences, too, are called upon to provide and maintain research data of high quality and usability in a sustainable manner, so they can contribute convincing solutions to future issues of society and urgent ecological and economic challenges. The NFDI4Ing consortium, that is now funded, aims to establish effective research data management (RDM), which at the same time strengthens the transparency and traceability of research findings in the engineering sciences.

Prof. Bernd Flemisch, principal investigator of SFB 1313 (research project D03) and senior participating researcher in the Cluster of Excellence SimTech at the University of Stuttgart, is a member of the consortium’s steering committee:

“I am very pleased about the positive decision by the GWK to support the ‘NFDI4Ing’ consortium. As a co-applicant institution, we can contribute our RDM expertise built up over several years of cooperation between researchers and infrastructure partners, and further strengthen the Stuttgart Competence Center for Research Data Management ‘FoKUS’. It is my goal to inspire as many engineers in Stuttgart as possible about the variety of measures of the NFDI4Ing in pilot projects, in order to enable all scientists in the long term to comprehend and retrace engineering research processes. The task area ‘Research Engineering Software’, which I coordinate, is particularly well suited for this purpose in the environment of our two Clusters of Excellence. As an official participant of the consortium, the SFB 1313 will contribute pilot use cases and thereby improve the measures in its data and software management strategy“.

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