Interview with Peter Knabner

January 24, 2019 /

University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

Christian Rohde, deputy spokesman of SFB 1313 and principal investigator of research projects B03 and C02, had the great pleasure to interview our SFB 1313 and SimTech guest and Argyris Visiting Professorship awardee Peter Knabner, mathematician and professor from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. For SFB 1313 he has been giving short courses about "The mathematics of multicomponent reactive transport and flow models" twice a week from 19th November to 21st December 2018.

During the interview, we get to know about Peter Knabners mathematical research focus, about the Argyris Visiting Professorship he has been honoured with by SimTech in 2018, as well as about his future research projects in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart.

About Peter Knabner
Prof. Dr. Peter Knabner works in the field of Applied Analysis and Numerical Mathematics. After his Abitur in 1972, he studied mathematics at the Free University of Berlin and computer science at the Technical University of Berlin. After his diploma, he dealt for example with free boundary value problems and received his doctorate in 1983 at the University of Augsburg. There he habilitated in 1988 on mathematical models for transport and sorption of dissolved substances in porous media. Since 1994 he holds the chair of applied mathematics at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Since the 1980s he has concentrated on the derivation, analysis and numerical approximation of mathematical models for flow and transport in porous media, with the aim of contributing to mathematics as well as to the concerned applications in engineering and natural sciences, in particular hydrogeology. The spectrum meanwhile extends to multiphase multicomponent flows, with vanishing/developing phases, general chemical reactions and effects of evolving microstructure on porous media flow.

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