October 23, 2018

Election of SFB 1313 Doctoral Researchers' Representatives

We are happy to pronounce our new SFB 1313 Doctoral Researchers’ Representatives Elissa Eggenweiler and Johannes Eller:

  • Elissa Eggenweiler, project area A03, works currently on coupling free flow and flow in porous media. She is a mathematician specialized in mathematical and numerical modelling of flow and transport in porous media. A particular topic of her interest is finding appropriate interface conditions for the coupled flow processes using different averaging techniques.
  • Johannes Eller, project area A01, is currently working on the prediction of adsoporption and wetting behaviour in complex porous media. He obtained a M.Sc. in chemical engineering in 2017 and is a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Thermodynamics and Thermal Process Engineering (ITT).

The election of SFB 1313 Doctoral Researchers’ Representatives takes place once a year and entitles them to vote on the Executive Board. They are the contact persons for SFB 1313 doctoral researchers and the task includes as well the organization of next year’s SFB 1313 Summer School.