Introduction of newly established SFB 1313 lecture series "Pretty Porous Science Lectures"

February 2, 2021 /

SFB 1313 established the new lecture series "Pretty Porous Science Lectures".

If we take a close look at our environment, and ourselves it becomes visible: somehow, almost everything is porous! The soil and the natural underground, the human body with skin and hair, different materials like paper, asphalt or plastic are only some examples. Whether in biology, environment or technology – porous media are simply everywhere!

We are pleased to announce our newly established lecture series "Pretty Porous Science Lectures". This lecture series aims to discuss various aspects of porous media research, spanning from new experimental finding to numerical modelling strategies. The invited speakers are experts in their field and will discuss their current research. The series is an online lecture series format.

The first speaker of the "Pretty Porous Science Lectures" is Veerle Cnudde, professor at the Department of Geology of the Ghent University (Belgium). She will talk about “Unravelling pore-scale processes in geomaterials”.

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