Stephanie Fest-Santini

External Partner, Research Project A02
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale, dell'Informazione e della Produzione


viale Marconi 5
24044 Dalmine

Stephanie Fest-Santini and Maurizio Santini are the experts for detailed measurements of complex pore structures. In Bergamo, the X-ray Computed Tomographic (XRCT) scanner/microscop allows for the accurate three-dimensional mapping of solid bodies. It is, therefore, extremely valuable for the analysis of porous media. We will use this expertise for the detailed description and reconstruction of different pore structures.

A few years ago, the working groups of Bernhard WeigandGrazia Lamanna, Rico Poser and Rainer Helmig started a very intensive cooperation with Stephanie Fest-Santini and Maurizio Santini.

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