Task Force: Experiments

Coordinators: Sander Huisman, Grazia Lamanna, Holger Steeb


Dr. David Sebastián Martínez Hernández (until May 2019)

Wenkang Wang (Ph. D.) (since January 2020)


High-resolution and imaging-based experimental investigations are a common topic in Research Projects B05 (Steeb/Nowak), C04 (Class) and C05 (Huisman/Pohlmeier/Steeb). Within this task force, an exchange of knowledge between senior experts, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers is established. Recurrent topics of interest here are, among others, image segmentation and phase separation (e.g. for X-ray and MRI data sets), registration of samples allowing for an exchange between different testing devices, handling, back-up and archiving of big data sets, image-processing software and strategies, requirements and design of validation experiments. This task force ensures that potential synergies between the experimental projects are optimally used and provides a discussion platform.

In the future this will lead to an even more integrated experimental concept for SFB 1313.



This picture showsJ. A. (Sander) Huisman
Prof. Dr.

J. A. (Sander) Huisman

Principal Investigator, Research Project C05

This picture showsGrazia Lamanna

Grazia Lamanna

Project Leader, Project MGK, Cross-Cutting Theme "Experiments"

This picture showsHolger Steeb
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Holger Steeb

Principal Investigator, Research Projects B05 and C05

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