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Biofilm may consist of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, viruses or infinite combinations of these microorganisms. They are living in a self-organized, cooperative community attached to surfaces, interfaces, or each other. Interacting, they create a mucilage film: the so-called “biofilm”.
Collaborative Research Centre
A Collaborative Research Centre (in German: Sonderforschungsbereich / SFB) is a a long-term university-based researech institution, established for up to 12 years, in which researchers work together within a multidisciplinary research programme. It is funded by the German Research Fondation – Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). One funding period lasts four years.
Porous Media
Porous media are materials or structures that contain void spaces – the so-called “pores”. Almost all materials are porous, for example, the natural soil, the subsurface, paper, the human body etc. That's why we find porous media almost everywhere in our everyday life.These pores are filled with fluids. Fluids can be gases (e.g. air or Carbon dioxide) or liquids (e.g. water). Fluids can flow through the pore space. Understanding how liquids or gases move in or through these structures helps in a range of fields from energy storage to climate prediction.


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