Prof. Inga Berre, University of Bergen

February 5, 2021 /

Short Course "Fracture reactivation and propagation in deforming porous media" by Inga Berre

The short course takes place from 5 to 19 February 2021 in the framework of the "Short Course Series: Mathematics of Porous Media", organized by the Porous Media Group of the University of Bergen (Norway).

Inga Berre, professor at the University of Bergen and member of SFB 1313's advisory board, will give the online short course "Homogenization for porous media" on each Friday from 5 to 19 February 2021, 2-4PM (CET). For registration, please contact Eirik Keilegavlen ( from the University of Bergen.

Short Course Summary

Motivated by subsurface deformation, this part of the course series consider deformation and propagation of fractures in porous media. The deformation and propagation of fractures introduce a dynamic change of the fracture network, which interacts with flow, transport and deformation in the fractured porous medium. In the course, we consider conceptual models for fractured and deformable porous media as well as mathematical and numerical modeling of coupled dynamics. We also investigate how models can complement field data in understanding induced dynamics from fluid injection in the subsurface. The lectures will be given by Professor Inga Berre from the University of Bergen.

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