SFB 1313 is international partner of the new Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources

December 15, 2021 /

Congratulations to our research partner Sarah Gasda, professor at the University of Bergen and head of research at NORCE – the Norwegian Research Centre, and her research group. Their proposal for the eight year funded „Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources“ (CSSR) got approved, starting in 2022. SFB 1313 as well as SimTech will be two of the international partners of the new CSSR, led by Sarah Gasda.

About the CSSR

The purpose of the new “Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources” is the basic understanding and improved digital methods for reservoir operation. The knowledge will contribute to efficient management and research-based decisions in the sector of green and renewable energy. With the CSSR, NORCE will contribute with the development of new knowledge about how the reservoirs can be used in the green shift, to secure the energy solutions of the future.

NORCE press release (in Norwegian)

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