October 3, 2018

SFB 1313 guest: Denis Voskov

3rd to 6th October 2018 | TU Delft, Netherlands

Denis Voskov of the TU Delft, Netherlands, will be our SFB 1313 guest from 3rd to 6th October 2018 and research with us in the field of porous media. We’re looking forward to welcome him at the Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems.

Denis Voskov is an Associate Professor at the Department of Geoscience and Engineering, TU Delft and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University. He is leading a research group on development of advanced simulation capability for energy production and storage processes related to deep subsurface.

Denis is a co-author of 30 peer-reviewed publications and many conference papers. Before joining TU Delft, Denis was a Senior Researcher at Department of Energy Recourses Engineering, Stanford University.

His previous positions include: Chief Engineer at Yukos EP company, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Rock Flow Dynamics Company and leading specialist at the Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences. He holds a PhD degree in applied mathematics from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Denis is an Associate Editor of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal and served as a Guest Editor at the Journal of Computational Geosciences.

During his stay he will give a seminar about "Modeling of dissolution and precipitation in porous rock at different scales".

Date: Thursday, October 4th, 4 pm
MML, Pfaffenwaldring 61


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