SFB 1313 at the Equadiff Conference

June 25, 2024 /

SFB 1313 researchers presented their work at the Equadiff Conference in Karlstad University, Sweden

The Equadiff 2024 conference was held on the campus of Karlstad University (Sweden) from 10 to 14 June. Equadiff is a series of international conferences devoted to differential equations in the widest sense. The conferences are held in various locations throughout Europe. The most recent conferences were held in Brno (2022), Leiden (2019), Bratislava (2017), Lyon (2015), Prague (2013), Loughborough (2011), and Vienna (2007). The event included thematic mini-symposia were organised. One such event was the mini-symposium "MATHEMATICS OF POROUS MEDIA", which was organized by  CRC members  C. Rohde  and I. S. Pop. This mini-symposium was one of the largest of its kind, comprising three days of lectures delivered by 12 speakers among them  T. Melnyk from the CRC 1313 team. He reported about the  newest results  on reduced-dimensional modelling for flow in networks.



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