December 20, 2018

SFB 1313 article in FORSCHUNG LEBEN

Title: "Vorbild Schwamm - An Strömungsprozessen verstehen, wie sich Therapien verbessern lassen"

The SFB team is very happy about the SFB 1313 article (p. 78-81) "The sponge as a role model - Using flow processes to understand how to improve therapies" in the new issue of FORSCHUNG LEBEN, the science magazine of the University of Stuttgart. The topic of the current issue, published in November, is Health!.

The article presents the Collaborative Research Centre and the investigation of porous media and their interfaces: for example, the work of Timo Koch for a better understanding of multiple sclerosis as well as the SFB 1313 project C03 of Oliver Röhrle and Arndt Wagner. They research on the simulation of Percutaneous Vertebroplasty, a therapy for the treatment of osteoporosis. The aim is to investigate how injected bone cement spreads in the porous structure of the vertebra (porous media) and thus stabilizes it. Of particular interest is to understand how the bone cement is distributed in the vertebrae of the different patients and under which circumstances it could possibly spread into other areas of the body or even break after getting solid. This are only two examples why the research and the simulation of this treatment is such an important research area in the field of porous media and medicine.

Below you will find the issue n°11 and the SFB 1313 article in German, which will soon also be available in English, as well as a paper of the same topic.