April 5, 2019

SFB 1313 Publication

by Guang Yang, Edward Coltman, Kilian Weishaupt, Alexandros Terzis, Rainer Helmig, and Bernhard Weigand

New SFB 1313 paper published in Transport in Porous Media by Guang Yang, Edward Coltman, Kilian Weishaupt, Alexandros Terzis, Rainer Helmig, and Bernhard Weigand: “On the Beavers–Joseph Interface Condition for Non-parallel Coupled Channel Flow over a Porous Structure at High Reynolds Numbers”.

A channel flow coupled with a transversal stream through porous structures is investigated numerically in this study. Velocity profiles are obtained on the pore scale and averaged to the macroscale in order to evaluate the validity of the Beavers–Joseph interface condition. For this purpose, different ratios between the velocity at the inlet of the channel and the velocity at the base of the porous structure are considered. The effects of Reynolds number, velocity ratio, and geometrical arrangement of the porous structure on the Beavers–Joseph constant are then examined. A critical velocity ratio is found where, for lower ratios, the interface momentum transfer is mainly affected by the channel flow and, for higher ratios, the flow in the porous structure governs. The uniformity of the Beavers–Joseph constant at the interface is found to decrease with increasing velocity ratios. The present results have then been compared with simulations from a coupled Navier–Stokes/Darcy–Forchheimer model.

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