December 8, 2020 /

SFB 1313 Lecture by Michael Ortiz on "Multiscale modeling of hydraulic fracture"

We are glad to announce that Michael Ortiz, Frank and Ora-Lee Marble Professor Emeritus of Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering of the California Institute of Technology and this year's holder of the SimTech Argyris Visiting Professorship, will give a SFB 1313 lecture on 8 December 2020 on "Multiscale modeling of hydraulic fracture".

Speaker: Michael Ortiz, California Institute of Technology 
Date: Tuesday, 8 December 2020
Time: 4 pm CET
Place: Online presentation >>> If you are interested in participating in the lecture, please contact
Title: "Multiscale modeling of hydraulic fracture"

About Michael Ortiz

Professor Ortiz received a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain, and MS and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. From 1984-1995 he held a faculty position in the Division of Engineering of Brown University, where he carried out research activities in the fields of mechanics of materials and computational solid mechanics. He is currently the Frank and Ora Lee Marble Professor of Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology, where he has been in the faculty since 1995 and where he has served as the director of Caltech’s DoE/PSAAP Center on High-Energy Density Dynamics of Materials from 2008-2013.

Michael Ortiz has been one of the world's leading figures in the field of applied and computer-oriented mechanics for decades. In recent years, he has increasingly turned to data-driven methods of computer-oriented mechanics. Here, he developed a formalism that integrates the response behavior of materials into a continuum mechanical model exclusively by means of data points, thus making the formulation, calibration and evaluation of a material model superfluous. The methodology developed by Michael Ortiz has since been known under the term "data-driven computational mechanics”.

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