February 4, 2019

SFB 1313 Guests: Florin Adrian Radu & Manuel Antonio Borregales Reverón

4th to 8th February 2019 | University of Bergen, Norway

We are very happy to welcome Prof. Florin Adrian Radu, Manuel Antonio Borregales Reverón and Erlend Storvik from the Institute of Mathematics, University of Bergen. They stay from 4th to 8th February 2019 and will give a short course about: “Solvers for nonlinear and/or coupled problems in porous media”.


About Florin Adrian Radu
Florin Adrian Radu is a Professor at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Bergen (Norway). He obtained his PhD in Mathematics at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) in 2004 with his thesis about “Mixed finite element discretization of Richards’ equation: error analysis and application to realistic infiltration problems”, and habilitated at the same institution in 2013 with his work on “Convergent mass conservative schemes for reactive solute transport and flow in variably saturated porous media”.

Research interests

  • Multiphase flow and multicomponent reactive transport in porous media.
  • Mixed Finite Element Method, Mixed Hybrid FEM, cell-centered FV, MPFA.
  • Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR).
  • Degenerate parabolic equations.
  • Deformable/degradable porous media. Biot model.
  • Numerical multiscale methods and upscaling techniques.
  • Stability of density driven flows.
  • Controlled drug release, enzymatic degradation.
  • Mathematical Models for Avascular and Vascular Tumor Growth.
  • High order finite elements. Continuous and discontinuous Galerkin method in time.


About Manuel Antonio Borregales Reverón

Manuel Antonio Borregales Reverón is a PhD candidate at the Porous Media Group at the Department of Mathematics (University of Bergen, Norway), where he is working on the research subject “Developing numerical methods for modeling fluid flow in deformable porous media for CO2”. Right before starting his PhD, he received his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela) with his work on “Computational simulations for oil production and transport”.

Left: Manuel Borregales | Right: Florin Radu
Left: Manuel Borregales | Right: Florin Radu


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