October 1, 2018

Review: SFB 1313 Doctoral Workshop

Bildungshaus St. Luzen, Hechingen, 24th-26th September 2018

Three days of meetings, talks, seminars and fun at Bildungshaus St. Luzen: The SFB 1313 Doctoral Workshop in Hechingen, near Hohenzollern Castle (State of Baden-Württemberg), was a good occasion to meet and to get an overview on the status of research of the projects A–D.

The SFB 1313 doctoral researchers and principal investigators presented their current work and offered an insight to scientific problems, which need to be solved, as well as an outlook on future research steps.

The workshop offered as well an opportunity to build future collaborations within the project areas, which is one of the aims of the interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Centre. How can the single project areas work together? What are the connecting points? How can they advance their research through collaboration? How can they interact with associated projects? For instance, project area D01 and D03 are already collaborating with other project areas:

  • Project area D01 (Thomas Ertl & Steffen Frey) develops new visualization techniques to support the projects of SFB 1313 in understanding flow, transport and deformation phenomena occurring at interfaces in and around porous media. They are already collaborating with project area B05 (Holger Steeb & Wolfgang Nowak) on “Visualization of Bubble Formation in Porous Media".
  • Project area D03 (Bernd Flemisch & Sergey Oladyshkin) is also in constant interaction with other projects. The goal of this project is to formulate and conduct benchmarks, which assist in the validation of several computational models developed within SFB 1313.

During the workshop, the election of the doctoral researchers’ representative took also place. Elissa Eggenweiler (A03) and Johannes Eller (A01) will take over this task.

It was not just work that was on the agenda, but also an excursion to the Hohenzollern Castle, a seminar on Voice, Body Language and Effective Communication (by Marie-Theres Braun) as well as informal get-togethers in the evening. The workshop provided an opportunity to get to know each other better and to deepen certain research areas outside the programme.


This image shows Patrizia Ambrisi

Patrizia Ambrisi

Project Ö - Public Relations

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