PPSL #49 "Subsurface, Singularities and CCS" by Geir Terje Eigestad

November 14, 2023 /

The SFB 1313 "Pretty Porous Science Lecture" #49 will be given by Geir Terje Eigestad from the Wintershall Dea (NOR) | 14 November 2023 | 4:45 pm CET

We are pleased to announce that Geir Terje Eigestad, subsurface manager at Wintershall Dea (NOR), will give the SFB 1313 "Pretty Porous Science Lecture" #49. His talk will be on "Subsurface, Singularities and CCS".

Date: Tuesday, 14 November 2023 
Time: 4:45 pm CET
Speaker: Geir Terje Eigestad (PhD), Wintershall Dea (NOR)
Lecture title: "Subsurface, Singularities and CCS"
Place: Multi Media Lab (MML), U1.003, Pfaffenwaldring 61, 70569 Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen. If you are interested in participating in the lecture, please contact melanie.lipp@iws.uni-stuttgart.de


The subsurface industry is continuously faced with complex problems to address and solve - and with the greater purpose - huge resources to manage. Norway’s wealth today largely comes from the E&P industry in Norway – where gas and oil resources have been developed successfully by many technology disciplines combined.

To address the challenges for the needed understanding of subsurface modeling, subsurface professionals are exposed to complex and large models. Geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering, petrophysics and several other disciplines work together to create such models – and to understand them. Despite the power of computing, care must be taken when applying models and when results from models are to be analyzed. The author will show examples where “good old-fashioned” understanding and acknowledgment of the complexities of the underlying subsurface problems are key for turning advanced software and computing capabilities into meaningful and insightful analysis - and understanding of the real world. Such examples may be useful to have in mind when entering new studies and new topics in the transitional energy industry.

CCS and WD’s plans are further discussed. The overall plans and ambitions for WD are to become a leading CCS company in Europe – where storage and transportation are key elements in the value chain. Some of WD’s activities and involvement in subsurface understanding are presented, and our motivation for why we need to be involved in this activity is promoted.

About the presenter

Geir Terje Eigestad has been working in the energy, gas and oil industry since 1999. He started out working on practical implementation of discretization methods for porous media flow in the former company Norsk Hydro and conducted a PhD in applied mathematics from 2000-2003 - jointly between Norsk Hydro and the University of Bergen. He held an associate professorship at the Department of Mathematics and Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research from 2004-2007.

From 2007 up to today he has held different positions and roles in a wide range of international E&P companies and international consultancy. Since 2018 he has been employed by Wintershall Dea (WD) – and has been a subsurface manager in WD since 2019.

Geir Terje also works on technology and R&D projects in his role at WD. Through this role he is involved in the development of CCS technology and understanding in Norway. For WD such technologies are of huge importance for establishing a robust and commercial business – with far reaching implications for addressing some of the biggest challenges of today’s world.  

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