September 27, 2021 / kh

One-week research visit by Prof. Hans van Duijn

Hans van Duijn from TU Einhoven will visit SFB 1313 and the Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems from 3rd October to 8th October 2021.

Hans van Duijn is Professor Emeritus at TU Einhoven. He is Mercator Fellow within SFB 1313 and involved in the Research Project A05 "Pore scale formulations for evaporation, and upscaling to REV scale". We are extremely happy that Hans will visit our institute at the beginning of October in order to continue the scientific discussions mainly with Carina Bringedal, Theresa Schollenberger and Rainer Helmig.

SFB 1313 Mercator Fellows


This image shows Carina Bringedal
Jun.-Prof., Ph.D.

Carina Bringedal

Junior Professor

This image shows Katharina Heck

Katharina Heck

Postdoctoral Researcher, Management, Research Project A02

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