December 1, 2018

New SFB 1313 member: Junior professor Carina Bringedal

Welcome to the SFB 1313 Team

The whole SFB 1313 team is very pleased to announce that Carina Bringedal is our new Junior Professor and supporting SFB 1313’s research from 1st December 2018. She moves from Hasselt University (Belgium) to the University of Stuttgart.

Career stages

  • 2015: PhD from the University of Bergen in applied mathematics. She worked on problems related to geothermal energy extraction: Both natural convection currents, and on upscaling of pore scale formulations for temperature-induced chemical reactions including an evolving interface at the pore scale.
  • 2016/17: Postdoc at Bjerknes Centre of Climate Research. Focus on variability in ocean currents in the North Atlantic.
  • 2017/18: Postdoc at Hasselt University. Modelling and upscaling of evolving interfaces at the pore scale, related to both two-phase flow and reactive transport.
  • From 2018: University of Stuttgart. Junior professor within SFB 1313, project area A and project area C.

Relations to porous media
Interface-driven processes in porous media are very interesting to her as she worked on evolving interfaces in porous media during her PhD and during her postdoc in Hasselt. She looks forward to learning more about interface-driven processes, and plans to focus on evaporation at the pore scale during her time in Stuttgart.

Relations to the University of Stuttgart
During her PhD Carina Bringedal was member of NUPUS, which was a collaboration between the University of Stuttgart and the University of Bergen (among others). In this context, she had her first visit to Stuttgart already in 2010, during her Master studies.

Research interests:

  • Upscaling (homogenization)
  • Pore scale modelling
  • Phase field modelling
  • Evolving interfaces
  • Porous media flow
  • Reactive transport.

We welcome her at the SFB 1313 team and wish her a pleasant start!


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Patrizia Ambrisi

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