May 20, 2019

Interview with Ivan Yotov

University of Pittsburgh, USA

Ivan Yotov from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, is our SFB 1313 guest. Theresa Kurz, doctoral researcher working on an associated project of research project C, had the great pleasure to interview him about his stay and his research aims. Find the audio interview below!

About Ivan Yotov
Ivan Yotov is Professor in the Department of Mathematics at University of Pittsburgh. His research interests are in numerical analysis of partial differential equations and large scale scientific computing with applications to flow in porous media, computational fluid dynamics, and biomedical problems. His recent work spans multiscale modeling of multiphysics systems of coupled flow and mechanics, advanced finite element and finite volume discretizations, scalable parallel solvers and preconditioners, stochastic modeling, uncertainty quantification, and parameter estimation.



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Patrizia Ambrisi

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