GeoEnviron Seminar, University of Tübingen: SFB 1313 Lecture by Rainer Helmig

November 30, 2018 /

University of Tübingen, Geoscience Department
[Picture: Uli Regenscheit/SimTech]

Rainer Helmig will be one of the speakers of the GEOEnviron Seminar of the Geoscience Department of the University of Tübingen. On 30th November 2018, he will give a lecture entitled:Interfaces in Porous-Media Systems are Everywhere: Evaporation and Salt Precipitation at the Atmosphere-Unsaturated Interface”.

GeoEnviron Seminar
The GeoEnviron Seminar is an integral component of the GeoEnviron doctoral program designed to provide participating PhD students from all research areas with a comprehensive overview of the current research topics at the Center of Applied Geosciences. The Seminar is a weekly public research seminar planned and organized by PhD students.

PhD students have the possibility to

  • invite leading national and international scientists
  • learn about the latest developments and trends in their respective field of interest
  • discuss mutual research interests and
  • establish new ties to external research groups

Date: 30th November 2018
Friday, 3:15 pm
Location: University of Tübingen, Hölderlinstr. 12, 1st floor, Lecture Hall (Room 320)

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