International Cooperation

The international and interdisciplinary environment enables the participating internal and external members to perform efficient work at the highest level of scientific research in the field of flow and transport in porous media systems.

List of external partners

Project Area C

  • Close cooperation with Project C03
  • Injection of bone cement into a porous structure

Name of Collaborator

Boyko Gueorguiev

Project Area C

  • Co-Investigator of Project C02
  • Upscaling process using techniques from asymptotic analysis as well as homogenization techniques
  • Additional cooperation with Projects C04 and C05 towards realistic upscaled models

Name of Collaborator

Iuliu Sorin Pop

Project Area B

  • Close cooperation with Project B05
  • Investigation of larger-scale core samples under in-situ stress conditions
  • Coupled treatment of flow and geomechanics will be investigated by XRCT in a X-ray-transparent true-axial vessel

Names of Collaborators

Jens T. Birkholzer

Seiji Nakagawa

Project Area C

  • Close collaboration with Project C04 and C05
  • Experiments on salt precipitation during evaporation and Microbially-Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP)

Names of Collaborators

Al Cunningham

Robin Gerlach

Project Area A

  • Close cooperation with Project A04
  • Provides expert knowledge for detailed measurement of complex pore structures
  • XRCT which allows for accurate three-dimensional mapping of solid bodies

Names of Collaborators

Stephanie Fest-Santini

Maurizio Santini

Project Area A

  • Close cooperation with Project A04
  • Provides additional experimental set-up with different Reynold's numbers
  • Hele-Shaw-type experiments with high spatial and temporal resolution performed in microfluidic flow cells adapted to confocal microscopy

Name of Collaborator

S. Majid Hassanizadeh

Amir Raoof

International Network


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